Interfaith Families

Outreach: Welcoming Interfaith Families

The makeup of today's modern Jewish family is vastly different from the "typical" Jewish family of a few decades ago. Statistically, one half of today's marriages are interfaith unions. This modern phenomenon has created a rich tapestry of issues that many families face and sometimes struggle with on a day-to-day basis. KKBE welcomes interfaith families!

Questions like these are asked by many people as they try to make the best decisions for their own unique households and special circumstances.

  • How should the children in interfaith families be raised?
  • What makes a house a Jewish home? (or "I'll never be able to make Matzo Ball soup!")
  • How to integrate two families of different beliefs?
  • What to do on the holidays? (To tree or not to tree?...that is the question!)
  • Will I ever understand what's going on during services?
  • My daughter-in-law is Christian, my son is Jewish, but what are my grandchildren?
  • My family always celebrated two religions...who am I?

Reform Jewish Outreach is a nationally recognized organization that aims to welcome interfaith families into the Temple community and provides a forum for dealing with the many social and personal issues with which they are faced. Within a non-judgmental and welcoming environment, families and individuals are encouraged to learn not only about Jewish observances and customs, but about one other. We strive to share experiences, feelings, concerns and beliefs...all within the context of our often indifferent modern society. It is not our aim to convert. We act as support group, sounding board, facilitator and friend.