We are enormously proud of our beautiful and historic Temple and need and appreciate contributions to help us continue to support our mission. To make a donation online, please fill out the information and click the DONATE NOW button shown below. If you do not see the amount listed that you would like to donate, please call the Temple Office at 843-723-1090 to make arrangements, or if you would like more information.  For your convenience, a list of funds has also been provided below.



General Fund: Supports general day-to-day operations of the Temple



Addlestone/Regenbogen Families Adult Education Fund: Provides financial support for adult education.

Aaron and Teresa Brady Lectureship Fund:  Provides funding for an guest speaker or major program.

Baumrind Music Fund: Provides funds in order to perpetuate the musical traditions of KKBE and honor the memory of the "greatest generation" of Baumrinds.

Hellman Family Foundation Fund:  Designated to fund Adult Jewish Education

Music Fund:  Provides funds for special programs and music purchases.

Marion B. Slotin Fund:  Administered by Sisterhood, provides funds related to bereavement expenses.


Rabbi Alexander Discretionary Fund:  Administered by Rabbi Alexander and intended for charitable purposes and/or enhancements to Congregational programs.

Rabbi Kanter Discretionary Fund: Administered by Rabbi Kanter and intended for charitable purposes and/or enhancements to Congregational programs.


Sugarman Hospitality Fund:  Funds the Saturday morning Kiddush, defrays the costs of Onegs, and special Congregational receptions.

Addie I. Triest Floral Fund:  Subsidizes the purchase of pulpit flowers.


Community Tzedakah Fund:  Funding for meals provided by the Congregation at 180 Place and other social action projects.

Rabbi Anthony D. Holtz Social Justice Fund:  To do good for, bring justice to, and uphold the rights of the local and the greater world community by providing financial support to organizations espousing and working for such worthy purposes.


Mildred Bernstein Kitchen Fund:  Provides funding for the Temple to purchase needed appliances and supplies as determined by the Sisterhood.

Building & Grounds Fund:  Provides funding for the general maintenance of KKBE’s campus.

Capital Campaign Fund:  Provides funds for the Congregation's new buildings, restoration of existing buildings and furniture and equipment for these projects.

Cemetery Maintenance Fund:  Through member assessment fees, provides funds for the upkeep of the cemeteries from members for upkeep of the cemeteries

Coming St. Cemetery Restoration Fund:  Provides necessary funds to restore the Coming Street Cemetery.

Endowment Fund:  May be used for Board-designated purposes.

Heritage Fund:  Provides funds for museum acquisitions.

Emmi LeVasseur Fund: Supports general operating expenses.

Patla/Hirschmann Library Fund: Provides funds to buy library materials.

Prayer books and Bibles Fund:  Funds for the purchase of prayer books and bibles.

Rabbinic Endowment Fund: Funds for the future salary and benefits of KKBE Clergy.  

Rabbi Robert Seigel Sanctuary Restoration Fund:  Fund to help defray cost of restoration.

Weinberger Trust Fund: For the renewal and refurbishment of the Temple or Tabernacle buildings.


Camp Coleman Scholarship Fund:  Provides camperships for URJ Camp Coleman.

Hornik Youth Fund:  Provides funding for youth activities.

Kramer Religious School Fund:  Through fees and donations provides funds to operate the school.

Patricia L. Kurtzman Memorial Fund: Provides funds to purchase books or educational publications which are presented to the student in the annual Confirmation Class who attains the best academic and/or scholarship status.  

Bess & Paul Rosen Camp Fund:  Provides scholarships for a student's enrollment in Camp Coleman or other acceptable camps, and provides a $100 savings bond as a confirmation prize.

Rosenthall Scholarship Fund:  Provides funds for scholarships given to young KKBE members for use at their college or university of choice.

Julie, Danielle, and Stephen Ziff Youth Education Fund:  To be used for providing enhancements to youth education, such as travel, scholarships, summer camps, entertainment, and other inducements, all aimed at improving and expanding the experience of young person’s being "dipped” into Jewish life.